Lawrence Dental Solutions – Rapid Recovery after Fire Disaster and Rebuild

Case Study

Lawrence Dental Solutions

Company Bio
Lawrence Dental Solutions is a Dental office providing cutting edge dental care to patients young and old. Their office treats people not just teeth, gums, and jaw joints. Their team works with clients to identify their goals and ensure the health, comfort, longevity, and appearance of each client’s teeth and smile. They focus on utilizing innovative technology, instruments, and techniques to provide each of their clients, and their families, an outstanding experience and comprehensive service.

Lance and his team have been a life saver! Our dental practice had a fire a little over a year ago that completely destroyed everything in our office. I contacted Lance that night to see what steps we might be able to take to recover our client information and be able to contact those that were scheduled to come in the following week. He got back with me immediately and spent his entire Sunday recovering our information helping me set up a temporary setup at my house with proper networking and security that evening. This is just an example of a situation you could be in, but don’t think about until it actually happens to you. Lance and his team educated me and it had everything covered! I could not be more grateful for Lance and UNI Computers during this entire rebuilding phase. I highly recommend that you look no further for your technology support than UNI Computers!
- Dr. Kelly Miller, DDS | Lawrence Dental Solutions


Lawrence Dental Solutions suffered a fire due to rechargeable lithium ion batteries in some of their medical equipment. Thankfully, this occurred on a weekend day that they were closed, so there were no injuries, but we had a loss on computer equipment and medical equipment that meant an immediate restoration to new computer hardware was needed so that patients could be notified ahead of planned procedures on the following Monday.

How UNI Computers Helped

By already having in place a full BDR solution and a MID plan, UNI Computers was able to immediately work to put working data and systems back in place at the Dr’s home. This was achieved in under 24 hours so that calls could be made to patients to let them know not to come in the following day.

Our solutions

  • Used BDR to immediately have the client operational on temporary hardware
  • All computer functions restored within 1 working day to an alternate location
  • Over the course of the following year, the entire business operation was moved 5 times between various temporary dental offices so that dental procedures could be continued.
  • Upgraded the phone system to Cytracom, allowing the phones to be moved with the office moves from location to location with zero issues and no setup required.
  • Utilizing the no-labor model of MID, all labor to restore functionality the day after the incident and all moves between temporary offices was included and no additional charges were ever billed for labor.
  • Due to going down in employee count immediately after the incident, the MID bill followed the mountain and valley principle, and the computer count invoiced was reduced from 11 to 4, saving the client money during the rebuild period where more computers were not needed.
  • As the client re-grew in their temporary locations, new computers were added back in and the MID charges increased to match.
  • As part of the MID contract, UNI Computers consulted at length with Lawrence Dental Solutions as to their needs in the rebuilt office, and suggested future-proofing items such as extra ethernet network drops and high end video and audio infrastructure so that future reworks of wiring and network infrastructure will not be needed for a long time.

Results, ROI & Future

By partnering with UNI Computers and investing in our Managed IT Department solution for a predictable flat rat they can easily budget, their disaster resulted in zero data loss and only a short time without computing resources. Infrastructure has been standardized and the foundation has been rebuilt into the new office to now grow their practice the way they want. With a properly organized and well documented IT infrastructure, powered by enterprise VoIP, secured with managed network hardware and Artificial intelligence (AI), and supported 24/7/365 with our US based Service desk and nationwide onsite teams, Lawrence Dental Solutions doesn’t need to worry about technology again. At UNI Computers, computers make sense.